The Seven Days of Regressive Creation

A shade of Jade.
An eye of a Serpent.
A seed of Life.
A beginning of an End.

The rich green oval spark,
plucked before it could become a flame.
(mortal hands take life once again)

The Seven Days of Regressive Creation

The lifefire begins to fade,
ashes begin to snuff out life.
Green to brown, light to dark, life to death
Time pass,
the Jade flame begins to dim.
The spark dwindles, less heat, less life.
The enity fades with each breath.
drying, cracking, breaking.
The Jade almost snuffed out;
Fire to ash, heat to cold, life to death
No longer does it hold form;
twisted, knotted, lod does it become.

The final breath is drawn.

The last hint of Heat.
The last Glow.
The last Hope.

Copyrighted by Michael Cooke, 2000.