When the Last Tree has Fallen

Mother, oh, Nature, What riches you have shown.
Mother, you have shown me the rain forest,
the heart of the world, where life reaches its pinnacle.

I have heard the song of the bird,
the call of the monkey with no word.
Sounds of life from big to small,
all free to live there is no wall.
What is balanced will keep spinning around,
as long as there are roots in the ground.

Man, enters the forest, he thinks he is alone.
Man, misses the beauty, he sees only fear.

Without firing a shot, he destroys all that is near.
With no regard for the future, he burns all that is around.
Will there be air to breathe with no roots in the ground?

A forest as old as time, where the secrets of life lies untold.
Where the rain has fallen on a tree a million years old.

Where the birds sing, there is no more.
Where the monkey calls, there is no more,
Where the water is pure, there is no more.
Where the air is clean, there is no more,
only man and the noise of his Machine!

He came there for profit, with an ax in his hand.
He will kill his own Mother, to clear the land.
With a mighty swing, the ax sticks into the heart.
With all the destruction, he does not see his part.
He will kill us all within a blink of an eye,
and no one will stop to even ask why.

Where will we be, when the last tree has fallen?

Copyrighted by Michael Cooke, 2000.